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It is one of the upgrade version of food packaging that uses film substituting for the lids which can completely seal with using a machine. It prevents from food exposed to the air so it helps to extend the shelf life and to keep freshness better. It is leaking free, microwaveable and recyclable which is the eco-friendly product. With this entire total package, sealing containers get popular by people in packaging industries, manufacturers, and restaurants.


MAP is a packaging technology to extend the shelf-life of fresh food product by substituting the atmospheric air inside a package with protective gas mix to supress propagation of microorganism. Gas mixer, designed container for MAP and proper film are the key point of the technology. The most important application of MAP is “simple” and “accurate” packaging to keep the “freshness” as possible. Food spoilage term is mostly affected by the composition of gas ratio. Most common gas used for gas mixer at MAP is CO2, N2, and O2. Extended shelf-life was observed in fresh food in container designed for MAP due to reduced O2 and elevate CO2 atmosphere. The result suggested that the shelf-life of fresh food product could be extended by using proper rigid containers, film and gas mixtures. This is also eco-friendly packaging method which does not use any chemical additives.

Benefit of MAP Containers

  • Solution for long distance delivery
  • Support to keep the product secure and hygienic condition
  • Maximize the quality to increase consumption
  • Multi-functional microwaveable food containers
  • Microwave Safe Polypropylene containers and trays are perfect for end user heat-and-eat applications.
  • Freezer and Microwave Safe

PP (Polypropylene Containers)

Multi-functional microwaveable food containers.
Microwave Safe Polypropylene containers and trays are perfect for end user heat-and-eat applications, deep freeze applications, shelf life extension and more.